7 Reasons why Ready Mixed Concrete is better than Site Mixed Concrete

Ready Mix Concrete

Concrete is the most used construction material on the planet. It is made using various natural ingredients and is considered environmentally friendly and recyclable. It’s made up of three components: water, aggregates, and Portland cement.

The two most used types of cement used in construction are ready-mix concrete and site-mixed concrete. Choosing the perfect one for your construction project is highly critical.

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Though both are sustainable for concrete construction, one of these is more beneficial when compared with the other depending on the project conditions.

In today’s blog, our team from Big D Ready Mix Concrete will compare both these types of concrete to help you make a wise decision.

Why is an excellent concrete mix essential?

A good quality concrete mix can create a reliable foundation for a firm and sound infrastructure. It often involves some level of preparation in which a blend of materials helps build the required strength and durability for your concrete structure.

Since each ingredient in the concrete mix has various distinctive properties, it can be challenging for you to develop a good quality concrete mix. All components must be tested first to determine the current physical properties of your materials.

Key attributes of a concrete mix

A concrete mix is similar to an excellent recipe. Besides the three important concrete components, it is also made using other chemical admixtures or cementitious materials. Some concrete mixes often trap air by utilizing air entering admixtures of cement.

Concrete mixes also need to have a few chemical components used to accelerate, retard, or improve their manageability. With the help of chemical elements, a concrete mix can minimize its water quantities and increase its strength without much effort.

This is why choosing the perfect concrete mix is a critical task that needs to be considered for both placement requirements and the overall cost. A good quality concrete mix will provide you with an integral product and great aesthetic.

Furthermore, a good concrete mix needs to consider the following:

Water and cement ratio

A concrete mix should have a good W/C ratio. It is a ratio that defines the relationship and the balance between the cement’s weight and the weight of the water being added to the mix. These characteristics have a direct and linear relationship with the overall strength of your mix.


A concrete mix should also consider heat being unconfined under various chemical reactions. This will result in your mix fading away at a considerable rate without producing any cracks or shrinkage.

Grade designation 

The strength of your concrete should be measured by getting it tested. Execution of these tests is ideally done after the curing processes. Selecting the correct grade of concrete depends on its usage.

Aggregate size

All types of aggregates should be quality sized before use. These aggregates are a critical component for all types of concrete mixes and often depend on the physical properties demanded by your structure’s design.


A concrete mix’s overall workability is a vital property that helps identify its capacity to consolidate and be placed correctly. This allows you to finish a product without having to segregate it.


This property helps in identifying the slump of your concrete mix and its mobility. The slump ideally measures this characteristic. The more slump value you have, the more manageable and bigger its mobility is going to be.


A concrete mix can also be categorized for numerous applications such as counterweights, radiation protection, insulation, and resistance. Density is one of the most critical characteristics of a concrete mix and is also the most popular property.


A good quality concrete mix will provide you with concrete that can endure extreme weather and frequent changes without showing any signs of decay. The more durable it is, the more resilient it will be during weather variations such as wetting, drying, heating, and freezing.

Site-mix concrete vs. Ready-mix concrete

Several factors need to be considered when outlining a comparison between these two different types of concrete. These factors include equipment, time, distribution, waste, recommended application, storage equipment, quality, workforce, and other vital considerations.

Ready-mix concrete

Ready-mix concrete is ideally manufactured in a factory and is delivered to the site while in an unhardened or plastic state, ready for use. This type of concrete is ideally expressed in cubic meters and is sold to customers by volume. A ready-mix concrete guarantees higher durability and sustainability. The mixture is usually formed in a higher quantity and is often more precise as most of the work is carried out by expert suppliers.

Site-mix concrete 

As the name suggests, this type of concrete is usually prepared on site. There are various components involved in mixing this type of concrete, and it is supposed to be mixed in specific ratios to achieve your desired strength.

This particular method requires you to utilize formulas to identify the total number of steps and the number of materials you need to acquire to get your desired consistency. Professional concrete workers need to be meticulous and careful with the proportions of their materials to avoid any quality conflicts with their structure.

Ready-mix concrete is usually a much better option for most construction projects despite its increasing costs. Ready-mix concrete offers a much better quality when compared to Site-mix concrete. One major factor is your project’s location since your transportation requirements are going to determine what type of concrete is preferable for your project.

Additionally, professionals often recommend ready-mix concrete if you are working on a large-scale project where you will require a higher volume. Site-mix concrete is a better alternative if you are working on a small-scale project like a home renovation where the volume of concrete needed is not high.

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