What are the Advantages of Using Ready Mix Concrete?

Ready Mix Concrete

In recent years, the popularity of site mix concrete has seen a steady decline and ready-mix concrete on the rise. It seems only the biggest concrete jobs require the pump and circumstance that comes along with site mixing.

Instead, the construction industry has turned to ready-mix concrete for their portland cement needs. Some 60% of all produced concrete is sold in ready-mix form. These are the five main advantages of ready-mix concrete.

Lower Cement Usage

The top benefit of using ready mix is that it’s much easier to purchase the exact amount of concrete you’ll need for a job. Site mix projects have always required buyers to overestimate the amount of concrete required for a job, because underestimating could end up wasting everyone’s time. Ready-mix alternatives allow buyers to estimate the size of their project knowing that adding more later is easy.

Faster Working Conditions

Ready-mix options typically set much faster than site mix alternatives. This is usually because ready-mix requires fewer steps for discharge onto formwork. At Big D Ready Mix, for example, our reliable staff is lauded for completing jobs quickly and efficiently. Companies specializing in site mixing must overcome more obstacles to finish a concrete job. Since many companies charge on a per-hour basis, an efficient working environment is vital.

Better Quality

One of the biggest problems with site mix concrete is the high level of variance that comes along with it. There’s a lot of room for human error in its mixing process, and results vary on a project-to-project basis. Ready-mix, on the other hand, is made in a regulated environment, and mixing it is always the same easy process. In other words, a company’s work history means a lot more when they specialize in ready mix. Once they’ve mastered the ready-mix process, there’s little room for error.

Fewer Required Materials

Site mixing is notorious for the number of additional materials it requires for mixing. Water, admixtures and aggregates are required en masse for a site mix project, and storage of these materials can necessitate more trucks and more labor. Ready-mix uses many of the same additional materials in a much lower quantity. In fact, many concrete add-ons are simply factored into the ready-mix formula. As in most cases, ready-mix encourages a more direct project than site mixing.

Lower Dependency on Trained Laborers

Ready-mix projects typically require staff that is trained in either driving, mixing or setting. On the other hand, site mix companies employ a number of specialists to navigate through their complex working conditions. In the end, more specialists mean higher costs to buyers. At Big D Ready Mix, our staff is trained to get the job done as promised.

At the most basic level, ready-mix concrete is simply much easier to work with than traditional site mix alternatives, however it can get messy. Call the experts at Big D Ready Mix for the best contractors in and around Dallas. Except for the biggest concrete projects, ready mix is picking up steam in the construction world for a reason.

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