How Does Concrete Compare To Asphalt?

How Does Concrete Compare To Asphalt?


How does Concrete compare to Asphalt? Well, you’ve come to the right place, we are here to tell you. Here at Big D Ready Mix we are a professional supplier in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Whether you’re a contractor or just someone who needs some help with work on your home, let Big D Ready Mix be your choice. We offer high-quality products at a competitive price. Whether you’re in Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton or Frisco or wherever you may be, you can enjoy our supplies. Contractor or not, you will be able to tell the difference between our products and the competitors. We seek to provide you an excellent professional service that won’t break your bank.

How Do They Compare?

Hard choice... Get it? Like concrete, hard.
Asphalt VS Concrete

Perhaps you’re considering a new driveway for your Denton or Frisco city home. The simple matter of fact is Concretes typically last longer than Asphalts. The latter needs more maintenance but is cheaper to install.


Concrete Pros:

  • Less Maintenance
  • Last up to 30 years



  • More expensive
  • Repairs are more difficult
  • Can crack under extreme pressure
  • You have to wait about 7 days before it’s safe to walk or drive on.
  • Gas and oil spills can leave a mark

Asphalt Pros:

  • Is less expensive
  • Easy to Fix
  • Cracks and Holes can be sealed with relative ease
  • Oil shouldn’t do much damage
  • You can drive on it immediately
  • Can last a good 20 years.



  • Shrinks or expands due to weather changes
  • Gasoline will damage it



If you’re looking for a rugged tough option, I think you know which one to pick. We like to supply the best materials for the toughest jobs. If you’re worried about the price, keep in mind you get what you pay for. Asphalts nine times out of ten just doesn’t compare to concretes. At Big D we have high-quality products, you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. I appreciate how you mentioned that asphalt paving is beneficial because it can last you up to 20 years! I didn’t know that. My husband and I are wanting to create a smooth surface for our long driveway so that our car’s suspension is protected as we drive in and out of our property. We’ll have to find an asphalt paving company that can lay this versatile and long-lasting asphalt so we can protect our car’s suspension and wheels for years to come. Thank you.

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