Is Concrete the Best Material for My Patio?

Residential Ready Mix Concrete

Concrete as the Ultimate Patio Material

Outdor Living

Outdoor living has become a way of life. Afterall who doesn’t enjoy a nice relaxing evening on a patio? So, what is the key to creating a great space without breaking the bank- or your brain? In a word, according to the best concrete supply company Dallas knows, concrete.

Visually Appealing

Concrete is the ultimate patio material. It is versatile. It does not require tedious manual labor for installation. Concrete can be poured to accommodate any space restrictions. It can be colored to match any décor. It can be stamped to look like stone, brick, or wood. Concrete is highly durable yet easy to maintain. It is environmentally friendly and cost-effective. A good concrete contractor can create your special place in a matter of days. A concrete patio will enhance your living space for decades, if not centuries.

Would Wood be Better? Would it?

Wood decks may be cheap to install, but you will pay in the long run. Wood requires constant maintenance. The cost of paint, stain, or sealer can get up there. Wood burns, it fades, and it rots over time. Many pests eat wood. Replacing bad boards can get expensive, especially if you aren’t a do-it-yourself kind of person.

Other Materials

Stone and brick patios are lovely. They require less maintenance than wood, but are tedious and expensive to install, and have limited configurations.

What to expect

A residential concrete contractor with a good design team can visit your home to assess your specific needs. They will take precise measurements and offer advice for placement of accouterments such as seating, cooking facilities, fire pits, or fountains. Together you can design a space that suits the needs of your home and family. Whether you are seeking an entertainment center with an outdoor kitchen, a trampoline, and a pool, or simply a spot in the sun for your deck chair.

Your concrete contractor will calculate changes in elevation, such as stairs or ramps to meet safety standards and provide maximum access within your space. They will make sure that any railings or barriers installed are safe and legal.

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