How to Maintain and Fix Concrete

Concrete Maintenance and Repair

Despite concrete being strong and long-lasting, proper maintenance can extend its life and maintain its beauty.

Although concrete surfaces are relatively easy to maintain compared to other surfaces, they still need attention here and there. The level of care needed depends on the amount of traffic the concrete gets.

Residential concrete surfaces require much less maintenance and repairs compared to high-traffic areas such as public pavements. Residential concrete surfaces such as floors get light traffic, and simple maintenance activities such as sweeping and damp mopping keeps them as good as new for long.

Simple Maintenance Tips

The following are some general tips to ensure your concrete surfaces are well maintained:

  • Avoid concrete surface designs that have saw cut patterns because the narrow cuts trap dirt and water that can degrade the quality of your surfaces.
  • For surfaces that aren’t polished, protect them with a good sealer to prolong their lifespan as well as enhance the appearance.
  • To preserve the sealer, apply a commercial grade concrete wax finish. The finish protects the sealer against dirt, stains, and abrasion. It is also very easy to reapply when it starts wearing off.
  • For areas that receive heavy foot traffic like entrances, use mats to minimize wear and tear as well as maintenance.
  • Regularly clean concrete surfaces to remove dirt, grit or stains by sweeping, dusting and mopping. Stick to cleaning products that are recommended to you by the sealer or finish manufacturer to preserve your surfaces. When then surface starts losing its shine, use a commercial polish to buff it.
  • Also, ensure regular repairs are made to the broken or cracked surfaces.

How to Repair Concrete Breaks

Residential concrete repairs are mostly easy DIY projects. For large concrete repairs, it’s advisable to order ready-mix concrete that can be delivered on-site with commercial Concrete Pump by Big D Ready Mix in Dallas.

The following are easy steps you can follow to patch up broken or cracked concrete surfaces:

  • First, clean the surface that you’ve identified to remove any dirt or oil-based stain to ensure the concrete filler you use will bond with the cement.
  • With the use of a chisel and a hammer, remove any large piece on the surface. Key the hole or crack to make its base bigger than that at the surface. It will help the concrete you use to bond with the old surface.
  • Remove all the dirt from the keyed surface by using a broom and a vacuum cleaner.
  • You can now patch concrete into the cracks and trowel it to smooth it up then check after a short while to confirm that the filler has settled. For commercial projects such as warehouses, retail stores or business facilities, ready mix concrete can be delivered by use of a commercial concrete pump from Concrete Supply Dallas.
  • Allow the concrete to cure at least overnight then check if additional patching is required.
  • Lastly, it’s good to seal the patched surface using a concrete sealer to prevent absorption of stains. For areas with heavy traffic, several coats of the sealer may be needed for extra protection.

Concrete repairs can greatly help your concrete surfaces look great and make them last for many years. For more information about how concrete can improve the quality of your home call or click today.

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