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Each year, there are many advancements in the construction process to better meet all the different expectations of the customers. Everybody wants the project completed on time.

Preparing ready mix concrete on site tends to be a time-consuming process. You can reduce a lot of construction costs by using a concrete batching plant for a construction project.   

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In the construction industry, a concrete batching plant is one of the most critical equipment. It is an essential machine for all modern contractors.

Numerous types of concrete batching plants, like compact concrete and mobile concrete batching plants, are so popular that we cannot imagine a construction site without them.   

As we already know, properly mixed good quality concrete can significantly increase the reliability of any structure. In numerous time-bound and precise projects, making high-quality concrete within the given amount of time can be difficult.   

Without having the required equipment, such as a mobile concrete batching plant, you cannot deliver the project on time.

Nevertheless, nowadays, numerous high-tech equipment helps professional contractors achieve their desired results on time, thanks to technological advancements.   

With the help of these concrete batching plants, a professional can do production and delivery within minutes with minimal effort.   

These machines also allow you to adjust the concrete production depending on the project’s requirement to help you get the most out of it.

Benefits of a concrete batching plant 

There are numerous benefits that construction workers get to enjoy by having a concrete batching plant.   

  • A concrete batching plant does not take up a lot of space.
  • It is a compact structure unit that is focused on concrete production
  • These machines can be controlled both automatically and manually. The operation itself is pretty effortless.
  • The overall machine interface is straightforward to understand and offers a reliable execution.

As a result of all these advantages, concrete batching plants are widely used in building construction services.   

The significance of a concrete batching plant should never be taken for granted. Depending on the side of your project, you need to select a concrete batching plant capable of delivering what your project needs. The capacity of a concrete batching plant is measured in cum per hour.   


The fundamental purpose of having a concrete batching plant is to help produce homogenous and uniform batches of concrete.

A concrete plant needs to make concrete constantly in batches with the same proportions. The most critical function performed by a concrete batching plant is that it helps you coat the aggregates with cement. There are times when you may need to mix fibers and admixtures depending on the project. As long as your mixtures are as per the required recipe, it will help you ease to produce, transport, and place the concrete.   

The concrete will then be set and hardened to make a durable concrete structure. If you wish to build a robust concrete structure, you need to hire a professional building construction service provider in your area.   

Places where you can use a concrete batching plant   

There are numerous places where you can use a concrete batching plant to help you with the project:   

  • Horizontal concrete mixing plants are often used in medium or small-sized cities.
  • A mobile concrete plant is perfect for small-scale projects that have narrow roads and inconvenient transport.
  • A vertical concrete mixing plant should be used in large-scale industry and material supply bases.


All concrete batching plants are further divided into two different categories:   

  • Central mix plants
  • Ready-mix concrete plants

Ready-mix concrete plants help you mix all the ingredients except water. The mixture is then filled in a concrete truck and delivered to the site. Central mix plants, however, include all the ingredients with water when mixing.   

Configuration of a concrete plant   

The productivity offered by the concrete batching plant needs to be higher than the requirement. If your project requires concrete at a rate of 50 cubic meters per hour, then you need to select a concrete batching plant accordingly.   

It would be best to keep all these aspects in mind before hiring a concrete delivering service for your construction project.

Keep in mind that you will have to produce concrete depending on the size requirements to avoid wasting anything. However, if you want to make things even easier, you can get ready mix concrete delivered directly to the site.   

At Big D Ready Mix, our professionals have enough experience to assist you with your residential or commercial concrete needs and construction services for all types of projects.   

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Big D Ready Mix Concrete has been serving clients in the Dallas, TX area since 2002, with over 400 utility mixes, high-strength wall mixes, exposed aggregate mixes, flexural strength mixes, stamp concrete mixes, flowable fill mixes, grout mixes, and trailer pump mixes.

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