Types of Concrete Additives and Their Uses

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Planning to build a new building or structure? Then, strength and durability should be your primary concern. At Big D Ready Mix, we specialize in providing quality concrete additives that deliver superb results. Have a look.

Types of Concrete Additives

The additives are added to a water-cement mixture to increase the life of the concrete, control setting, and hardening and fix the general concrete behavior. They can be powdered or liquid additives.

The additives can be added at the manufacturing point, or at the job site. At Big D Ready Mix, we ensure we follow the best concreting and batch methods.

There are two types of additives, chemical and mineral additives. Their usage depends on what the contractor wants to achieve.

Chemical Additives

These are used to:

  • Reduce the construction cost
  • Overcome emergencies at concrete operations.
  • Guarantee quality during mixing all through to curation process.
  • Modify the features of a hardened concrete

Mineral Additives

They are used to:

  • Increase concrete strength.
  • Economize on the mixture
  • Reduce the permeability levels.
  • Affect the nature of concrete (hardened) through the use of hydraulic activity.

The Classification of Additives is dependent on the role they perform.

  1. Water Reducing
  2. They reduce the amount of water used to prepare concrete for a specific slump. Most of these additives are used in larger construction projects. Here, the steel requires higher reinforcing rates to offer the high workability levels needed.

    Additives in this category are active up to 10%.

  3. Accelerating Additives 
  4. They accelerate the rate of cement hydration. These additives are most efficient during the cold seasons. Calcium chloride is used as the accelerating additive on non-reinforced concrete.

  5. Air-Entrainment
  6. These additives are used to introduce microscopic air bubbles to stabilize the concrete. The resultant effect is preventing the concrete from cracking in a cold environment.

    Air also raises the cohesion force thus reducing segregation and water bleeding before the concrete fully settles.

  7. Shrinkage Reducing
  8. These additives are used in floor slabs, bridge decks, and buildings where curling and cracks need to be significantly reduced. They provide the durability while maintaining the beautiful nature of the structure.

    Concrete shrinks occur where there is not adequate water. The shrinks cause internal stresses that may culminate to cracks. The shrinkage additives work to ensure that this does not happen.

  9. Inhibits Corrosion
  10. These additives are used where there is a presence of chloride salts. These chloride ions may corrode with steel reinforcements resulting to rusts. The areas that need this additive most include bridges, parking garages, and marine structures.

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