Understanding Concrete Pump Capacity Per Hour

Understanding the volume of concrete pumps

When needing concrete, you’ll want a concrete pouring option that is suitable for your particular project. There are smaller pumps available for residential-specific jobs, and there are larger pumps available for commercial-specific jobs. If you are unsure which pouring pump is best for your project, contact an expert. An expert should know exactly what pump is needed to execute the job to your satisfaction. One additional determining factor is the capacity of concrete poured per hour.

Obviously, if your project consists of building a multi-story structure, you are going to want a pump that can pour a high volume of concrete per hour. On the other hand, pouring concrete for a residence will require less concrete, thus, a less powerful pump would suffice. The more concrete that needs to be poured means the more pressure that needs to be applied. Let’s take a few pumps by example to help understand the importance of matching the right amount of concrete capacity for the right project.

32M Concrete Pump

Ready Mix Concrete Supplier Services DallasThe 32M Concrete Pump reaches up to 112 feet. It is most appropriately used for smaller project such as laying a concrete path in front of a home. The use of a 32M pump will make a concrete job quick and easy. Laying concrete for your home can be a do-it-yourself type of project; however, if you want to save serious time and sweat, it would be worth your while and money to rent a concrete pump.

The 32M Concrete Pump will pour roughly 170 cubic yards of concrete per hour. With that kind of power, you can have the project done in the blink of an eye. It’s a sizable piece of machinery to have in front of your home, but it’s only temporary and the machine will do exactly what you need it to do.

 39 M Concrete Pump

Moving to commercial related building jobs, the 39M Concrete Pump is an outstanding resource for a job to be completed timely and accurately. This particular pump reaches up to 129 feet. Despite being built for heavy duty jobs, the 39M has a speedy set up. The narrow pumping arm allows the pump to reach tough areas, making a construction project less of a headache and easier on the workers.

The 39M Concrete Pump will pour up to 180 cubic yards of concrete per hour. The concrete will be mixed all throughout its use, allowing for a smooth, efficient build. This is worth noting as the longer the reach of a bump, the longer the concrete will have to travel to reach its destination. Any stagnant time span will cause the concrete to harden.

52M Concrete Pump

This Goliath of a pump has a 172-foot reach. As a result of its reach, the 52M can be used for major construction projects. A pump this size will exceed the 200-mark in concrete per cubic yards. Specifically, it will range from 210 to 220. The 52M should be necessary only for commercial usage. Under all circumstances, this pump should be used only by a trained professional.

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  1. My wife and I have been doing a project that needs lots of concrete. One question that I have about this article is what the psi on the different concretes are, that way we know what the strength is. Since it is in a pump, I imagine it would all be about the same.

  2. I like how you mentioned that there are several variants of concrete pumps that can be used when tackling construction projects of any size since you’d want to have a concrete machine that can pour out a lot of concrete so that the workers can keep grabbing as they go and keep working. When it comes to hiring a concrete pump, there are variations that can be used for small-scale projects like pouring out a driveway in front of the house, or for actual construction of a house, or even when you’re trying to build a commercial high-rise building. While I haven’t any experience with using these kinds of pumps, if I could have one available then I would possibly use it for fixing up the driveway out front since it’s a mess.

  3. That’s good to know that there are different concrete pumps to handle different volumes. This is helpful since I want to add concrete to my backyard. I’ll have to find a pumping company with the pump that will work best for my project.

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