4 Advantages of Using Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) In Building and Construction Processes

Ready Mix Concrete

Ready-mix concrete (also known as RMC) is a specifically manufactured or batched concrete ideal for construction and is supplied as a single product to professional builders on site. Ready-mix concrete is often expressed in cubic meters and is sold or bought based on its total volume. It is also known as an eco-friendly replacement for regular concrete since mixing is done within closed chambers, which helps reduce air and noise pollution. The first-ever factory for ready-mix concrete was built in 1930, and the industry has been expanding significantly ever since.

Big D Ready Mix Concrete Dallas, TXReady-mix concrete is often preferred by professional construction experts over other materials thanks to its cost and wide range of applications, especially in the case of large projects like bridges or high-rise buildings. Moreover, when you compare the overall lifespan of other similar products, ready mix concrete will provide you with a longer life span.

Big D Ready Mix concrete solutions can easily provide you with almost 30 years of life on an average under high traffic area compared to 11 to 12 years of asphalt concrete with the same traffic.

Types of ready-mix concrete

There are three different types of ready-mix concrete based on the mixing of several other ingredients:

Transit mixed concrete

It is one of the most commonly used ready mix concrete by professional builders. Transit mixed concrete refers to concrete that is not made in a cement plant or a factory. Instead, all the components in transit mixed concrete are bundled at the RMC manufacturing plant and are afterward added to the vehicle truck. When shipping from the manufacturing plant to the construction site, the ingredients are mixed within the transit vehicle to make the concrete.

The essential advantage of using transit mixed concrete for a construction project is that it mitigates the issue of early hardening or slum loss of the concrete. Such a mixing technique helps professionals isolate water from concrete, enabling the concrete to be applicable as soon as it arrives at the construction site.

Central mixed concrete

Professionals use central mixed concrete when it is imperative to maintain the perfect batch quality. Central mix concrete is prepared at a stationary unit and undergoes all the required tests that help guarantee the appropriate grade. Once it passes the quality test, the concrete is then shipped to the construction site. Nevertheless, most building professionals do not choose this procedure since it is tedious.

Shrink mixed concrete

The last kind of ready-mix concrete on this list is shrink-mixed concrete, which construction experts often utilize. It is a type of ready-mix concrete that gets made at a manufacturing plant. Shrink-mixed concrete modifications are explicitly made based on the quality requirements of the construction project. Once prepared, the concrete is then shifted via a concrete pump to transport it to the building site. The main reason why professionals utilize this kind of ready-mix concrete is to enhance the overall load capacity of the transit vehicle.

4 Advantages of ready-mix concrete

So, now that you know what ready-mix concrete is and all its types, it’s time we take a look at the top advantages of using ready-mix concrete.


Earlier, construction workers would ideally prepare the concrete at the construction site. Moreover, when you prepare concrete at the building site, there are chances of inconsistency. On the other hand, state-of-the-art manufacturing machines produce perfect quality concrete with each batch. No matter how much attention to detail you give, a machine’s output will always win compared to the efforts of human labor towards the end of the day.

Easy investment

RMC is delivered right to your construction site, ready to use. If you choose ready-mix concrete, you do not have to visit several storage units committed to storing concrete batches. Not only will it help you save money on storage space, but ready-mix concrete will also help save the total amount of workforce it takes to prepare a concrete batch on site.

Minimum wastage

Ready-mix concrete ensures no unnecessary wastage while dealing with the concrete’s hardening issues. If you choose ready-mix concrete for your construction project, you can be sure that there will not be a half bag of unused concrete left after the project is completed. You can also prepare the exact amount of concrete you need and make more batches if the task asks later.

It is customizable

Different construction models tend to have additional strength requirements. Thus, professionals need to have concrete compositions altered for various purposes. Ready-mix concrete gives you the ability to change your concrete’s composition without any hassle precisely.

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We hope that this blog helps you walk through the advantages of using ready-mix concrete. Of course, there is much more you can learn about RMC. If you feel like you need to know more about ready-mix concrete or would like to book a batch for your next construction project in Dallas, TX, you need to get in touch with Big D Ready Mix Concrete right away!

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