What Is Ready Mix Concrete?

Ready Mix Concrete

Concrete is a useful material for any form of construction or renovation. Nonetheless, unfamiliar users of concrete typically find it incredibly difficult to get the right mix and to secure satisfactory results for any task requiring concrete — and that is one of the main reasons why ready mix concrete is making its way up in popularity today, especially with residential consumers in Dallas, TX.

What is ready-mix concrete?

When it comes to home improvements, sooner or later, you are going to need concrete. The problem with that is a concrete company is probably not going to drive a truck to your home if your job is too small, as there is a minimum amount you have to order (generally, at least three and a half yards).

So what can you do if you do not need enough to get the minimum order?

This is when you will need ready mix concrete.

Big D Ready Mix Concrete Delivery Dallas, TX

Ready mix concrete (RMC) can be referred to concrete that is manufactured in a batching plant or factory using a unique mixture of portland cement, aggregates (gravel, crushed stone, sand, etc.) and water. Ready mix concrete can be manufactured to a customer’s specific requirements and is sold and bought by volume (generally in bags ranging from 45 pounds to 80 pounds). This is why it is perfect for small jobs when you may only need to use half a yard worth of concrete.

Many consumers may not be familiar with the idea of ready mix concrete which they can use for the minor renovations to their homes and offices. These people would quickly hire a contractor to take on the renovation job, even for a small pothole in the driveway or improvement of the patio. Having said that, they can save a bit of money using ready mix concrete which provides the desired volume of concrete mixed to the right proportion and delivered to be pumped at the work site.

The Unprecedented Market Growth Of Ready Mix Concrete

According to a recent market study by PR Newswire, the demand for ready mix concrete has surpassed USD 656 billion in 2019; the ready mix concrete market is likely to experience explosive growth in the coming years due to rapid infrastructural expansion around the world.

The experts of the construction sector claim that there are two main reasons behind ready mix concrete’s tremendous growth. Firstly, it is pretty affordable, and secondly, it offers great diversity in terms of function and design of the structure. Experts also make the case that ready mix concrete is a greener alternative to its conventional counterparts, such as on-site concrete mixing.

However, these are not the only reasons why ready mix concrete is getting more and more popular with each day that goes by. There are a lot of others.

  • For one thing, there is the matter of quality. With traditional on-site concrete mixing, quality control has always been a major concern, as maintaining an ideal water-cement ratio and grade of aggregates is a tricky job. With ready mix concrete, on the other hand, quality is pretty much always guaranteed, since it is manufactured in a remote batching plant using state-of-the-art engineering and the least amount of manual labor.
  • Ready mix concrete also makes for a time-optimized solution. Concrete-based jobs such as resurfacing the pavement, driveway, road, or walkway can be carried out quickly by the consumer with the use of ready mix concrete. After all, consumers do not have to get worked up about mixing the cement bags manually on the work site; they can pretty much do away with all the arduous tasks involved in the traditional way of preparing a concrete of desired specifications.
  • Because ready mix concrete comes pre-mixed, it not only saves you from shelling out a ton of money in the hiring of contractors, but also helps to eliminate the need for a storage area that is usually required to store raw concrete materials such as sand, stone and cement bags.
  • What’s more, concrete prepared by this means is a recyclable, clean and energy-efficient construction solution. The raw ingredients used in the preparation of ready mix concrete are in abundance in nature and do less damage to the environment when extracted from it, especially when compared to other construction materials such as steel.

As you can see, ready mix concrete has many uses and is just the same thing as the concrete you get from the cement trucks only without the cement truck.

Looking for the best ready mix concrete supplier in Dallas, TX?

Big D Ready Mix Concrete, a leading ready mix concrete supplier in Dallas, can provide ready mix concrete in any volume for all kinds of jobs at hard-to-beat prices. Partnering with us for your concrete needs can save you the time in the tedious mixing works as we have the right mixing equipment and expertise in mixing the concrete according to your desired requirements with no wastage. Simply, ordering concrete from us will save you money, speed up the construction work and reward you with highly sustainable structures.

Looking for the best ready mix concrete supplier in Dallas, TX?

Big D Ready Mix Concrete offers you high-quality concrete products and excellent service!

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